How to Rock Your Halloween Costume

How to Rock Your Halloween Costume (and not feel like a dork). A life lesson about owning your own style.

Everyone loves Halloween. And honestly what’s not to love?! The decorations, the costumes, and most importantly the candy! If it were up to me, we would ditch a few of those other holidays and add more celebrations that require costumes into the mix. But along with dressing up comes the stress of deciding that to wear! Women these days have a hard enough time deciding what to wear every day, let alone for special events. Societal pressure around halloween can make deciding what to dress up as not so much fun, and when guys get a pass on the sexy and get to basically do whatever they want, it can make it even more stressful. Let’s be honest… I saw a “sexy mechanic” costume the other day and just about flipped out at the store. So, when you DO finally choose a costume, you can end up feeling silly, looking out of place, or down right like a tool. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Halloween is a great time to toughen up that outer layer of skin. It is a great time to build your confidence and step out of your comfort zone. It is more than just a silly costume, it is a time to find out what you are really made of. One of my life mantras is that if you own it, wear it, do it like you SHOULD be doing it, no one will even notice anything out of the ordinary! Love a hat but think you aren’t a “hat person,” throw it on your head and strut like you were born in hats. I guarantee you that not a single person you encounter that day with this your new accessory looks out of place. Own it. And my advice for not looking like a tool on halloween is the same! Commit to your costume, it’s fun! So have fun!

It doesn’t matter your age, if you have kids, if you are going trick or treating or if you are staying home to give out candy – you NEED a Halloween Costume! Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen around the internet so far. Some silly, some smart, some goofy, some original, some sexy, and some just plain badass. What is your style? Which is your favorite?

Here is a quick round up from some awesome blogs and website for want-to-copy, some but not all last minute, pretty awesome Halloween Costumes. Check them out, and click through to the sources to find EVEN MORE inspiration!

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Snow White


DIY Easy Hermione Granger Halloween Costume


DIY Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume


DIY Halloween bank robber costume


DIY Halloween Costume Where's Waldo


And for those of you who have the steady hand to do some killer, yet remarkably simple make-up. Check out these!

Easy DIY Sugar Skull Halloween makeup


Easy DIY Vampire makeup


Easy DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume



Engagement Ring Lust: 14 Rings that will make you forget about diamonds

We are deep in the thick of wedding season folks. In fact we are moving (a slow beautiful march) into the fall wedding season (Happy Snoopy Dance!).

That means wedding fever has reached it’s boiling point.
So to alleviate (or satiate) we thought we’d start with the little bitty but oh-so-important little circle that starts it all: The Engagement ring.

And it’s not just the gals who drool and pine over that beautiful sparkly rock. No way. The guys care just as much about the ring. Don’t let them fool you, they really do.

Engagement rings have been around (literally) since the beginning of time in some form or another. But the modern engagement ring, as we know it today wasn’t really popular until the late 1800’s when Tiffany’s rolled out the “Tiffany Setting” where the diamond is raised in a six prong setting to better show off the stones beauty. And that is when engagement ring development in history takes off. Within a few years, engagement rings are the leading line of jewelry in department stores.

There are A LOT of things to consider when it comes to picking out a ring you are going to wear for the better part of your entire life. It’s best to start with the 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.


Non-Diamond Engagement rings

But in today’s day and age, there is nothing holding you back from getting whatever you want. Modern brides are no longer held down by tradition and are more often opting for stones other than diamonds.

And with all the beautiful options out there, why would you box yourself in? Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls… the list is endless

Here are just a few of our favs that will have you saying’, “what diamond?”

Handmade, Emerald cut Moissanite with Carved Floral Setting. Seriously swoon-worthy.

Emerald Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring: Carved Floral Setting by KristinCoffin - Non-diamond Engagement rings


By:  KristinCoffin 

Yellow Quartz and Yellow Gold? Be still my heart.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: AdziasJewelryAtelier

Only a fool wouldn’t LOVE this Pyrite stunner. A Pink Gold and Pyrite chunk ring


Non-diamond engagement rings


By: jencervelli

Opals are powerful gems known to enhance creativity and memory in the wearer. And they come in just about every color and variety imaginable. And I am pretty positive this particular Fire Opal was made with magic.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Lang Antiques

For the environmentalist, these Eco Wood rings are perfect (and beautiful!) Made from a single piece of wood and inlaid with crushed gem stones. This is one alternative you should consider.

eco_wood_rings Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Eco Wood Rings

With a name like the Enchanted Pearl, who could you not fall for this lovely rose gold ring?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: WingedLion

Aquamarine is calming and soothing. It has the power to bring serenity and will give you that “at the beach” feeling all the time. Added bonus: it’s gorg! Who wouldn’t love that?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Opening Ceremony

Lapis is probably one you’ve not heard of, but at one point in history, was more highly sought after that any other gem or precious stone. And it’s easy to see why!

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Steven Alan

A lovers knot would be lovely to wear on your hand a symbol of your everlasting love, no?

knot Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Eric Weiner

How about a deep purple amethyst?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: franbarkerdesign

You want unique AND beautiful? How about turquoise.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: ValerieKStudio

What more could you want out of a stone that is known for fostering health, passion and energy? A beautiful engagement ring. Garnets are forever, too.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: onegarnetgirl

Tourmaline, raw or polished makes a big statement.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: byAngeline

And the one I’m most partial to… the Emerald. Both my wedding band and engagement rings are studded with these beauties.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Sotheby’s

This collection of non-diamond engagement rings should have you running to significant other, right now!