Glam Purple Wedding: Matt & Deane’s Chic Wedding

Glam weddings will always be in style.  And with purple as the color scheme, this one was royal! It is undeniable that Denae has impeccible taste. The first time I met with Matt, a good friend I met through another good friend, and his beautiful bride-to-be Denae, I was excited about their wedding. The details of their big day were swoon-worthy.  They had chosen a deep purple and lavender color scheme and from the description of the flowers she chose for her arrangements to the adorable chapel they chose for the ceremony, I couldn’t wait to photograph it!

Engagement Photos: Matt & Denae

Engagement Photos: Matt & Denae

I had the honor and privilege to shoot some engagement photos for a friend, Matt, and his lovely bide-to-be, Denae. We had planned on shooting at the park across the street from where they were going to be getting married but it was super windy and a little chilly, so we headed over to Matt’s parent’s house where they had a beautiful little lawn we got to shoot on. Denae is planning a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I can’t wait to capture the lovely memories from it.

Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography Ruffled Feathers Photography


Falling In Love – Fall Wedding Inspiration

There is almost nothing better than when August rolls around and you gear up for the Perseid Meteor Shower and cooler weather you ultimately begin to think about all things pumpkin and the leaves changing color. This beautiful time of year makes an even more beautiful time to get hitched, too! So here are some of the most swoon-worthy images that will make you want to change that Spring wedding date to mid-October in a heartbeat.

There is ALMOST nothing more beautiful than amnesia roses but those greenish-purple succulents, fuchsia ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus with pops of white (and super fragrant!) garden roses creates one of the most stunning bouquets I have ever seen.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Photo: Alison Conklin]

If you are having a late fall affair, give your guests a nice place to snuggle up. Maybe a fire pit? Give them a hot toddy and a warm blanket and you’ll have good times to remember for a lifetime.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Bridal Musings]

ZZ Top was right! Every girl IS crazy for a sharp dressed man. But these tweeds, sweaters and Fall inspired boutonnieres are #ManCrushMonday worthy!

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Photo: Ryan Ray]

We ALL know that sweets tables are one of the hottest (and most awesome) wedding tends going  – and honestly I hope they never go away). But why not include some way too adorable bunting and seasonal treats like caramel apples.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Colin Cowie Weddings]

Talk with your photographer about using the seasonal foliage to create stunning one of a kind images like these. I CAN’T stop looking at. Amazing!

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Photo: Nathan Fiske Photography]

Fall Wedding Inspiration


Give your girls a lovely dress they are never going to want to take off. A burgundy, wine colors frock in a cocktail length is exactly what you need to make your bridal party look their Fall best.

Fall Wedding Inspiration


Who needs aisle runners!? Or even petals!. Using the bounty of the season and fall foliage to line your aisle creates a breathtaking scene for you and your guests.

Fall Wedding Inspiration


How adorable is this tulle number? Your flower girls might just steal the show in this too cute dress.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Etsy]

Fall doesn’t have to be ALL about pumpkins and apples… but seriously, it’s ok if it is, too!

Oranges, purples, reds, yellows… you can mix it up, make it your own.

Fall Wedding inspiration

[Credit: A Cake to Remember]

And who DOESN’T love naked cakes?!

Fall Wedding Inspiration

How about a cute gift for your guests?

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Evermine]

Purple hydrangeas are often tinted with dark blues and greens, and of course make lovely Fall floral additions

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Herecomestheguide]

Don’t for get to frame your space to make sure you and your love are the center of attention!

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall Wedding Inspiration

[Credit: Happily Wed]

Engagement Ring Lust: 14 Rings that will make you forget about diamonds

We are deep in the thick of wedding season folks. In fact we are moving (a slow beautiful march) into the fall wedding season (Happy Snoopy Dance!).

That means wedding fever has reached it’s boiling point.
So to alleviate (or satiate) we thought we’d start with the little bitty but oh-so-important little circle that starts it all: The Engagement ring.

And it’s not just the gals who drool and pine over that beautiful sparkly rock. No way. The guys care just as much about the ring. Don’t let them fool you, they really do.

Engagement rings have been around (literally) since the beginning of time in some form or another. But the modern engagement ring, as we know it today wasn’t really popular until the late 1800’s when Tiffany’s rolled out the “Tiffany Setting” where the diamond is raised in a six prong setting to better show off the stones beauty. And that is when engagement ring development in history takes off. Within a few years, engagement rings are the leading line of jewelry in department stores.

There are A LOT of things to consider when it comes to picking out a ring you are going to wear for the better part of your entire life. It’s best to start with the 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.


Non-Diamond Engagement rings

But in today’s day and age, there is nothing holding you back from getting whatever you want. Modern brides are no longer held down by tradition and are more often opting for stones other than diamonds.

And with all the beautiful options out there, why would you box yourself in? Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls… the list is endless

Here are just a few of our favs that will have you saying’, “what diamond?”

Handmade, Emerald cut Moissanite with Carved Floral Setting. Seriously swoon-worthy.

Emerald Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring: Carved Floral Setting by KristinCoffin - Non-diamond Engagement rings


By:  KristinCoffin 

Yellow Quartz and Yellow Gold? Be still my heart.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: AdziasJewelryAtelier

Only a fool wouldn’t LOVE this Pyrite stunner. A Pink Gold and Pyrite chunk ring


Non-diamond engagement rings


By: jencervelli

Opals are powerful gems known to enhance creativity and memory in the wearer. And they come in just about every color and variety imaginable. And I am pretty positive this particular Fire Opal was made with magic.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Lang Antiques

For the environmentalist, these Eco Wood rings are perfect (and beautiful!) Made from a single piece of wood and inlaid with crushed gem stones. This is one alternative you should consider.

eco_wood_rings Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Eco Wood Rings

With a name like the Enchanted Pearl, who could you not fall for this lovely rose gold ring?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: WingedLion

Aquamarine is calming and soothing. It has the power to bring serenity and will give you that “at the beach” feeling all the time. Added bonus: it’s gorg! Who wouldn’t love that?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Opening Ceremony

Lapis is probably one you’ve not heard of, but at one point in history, was more highly sought after that any other gem or precious stone. And it’s easy to see why!

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Steven Alan

A lovers knot would be lovely to wear on your hand a symbol of your everlasting love, no?

knot Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Eric Weiner

How about a deep purple amethyst?

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: franbarkerdesign

You want unique AND beautiful? How about turquoise.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: ValerieKStudio

What more could you want out of a stone that is known for fostering health, passion and energy? A beautiful engagement ring. Garnets are forever, too.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: onegarnetgirl

Tourmaline, raw or polished makes a big statement.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: byAngeline

And the one I’m most partial to… the Emerald. Both my wedding band and engagement rings are studded with these beauties.

Non-diamond engagement rings

By: Sotheby’s

This collection of non-diamond engagement rings should have you running to significant other, right now!

Bright & Sunny: Yellow Wedding Inspiration

It feels like -30 degrees outside! So, with the cold weather bearing down on us I thought it would be nice to close our eyes and dream of warm yellow summery sun and bright and vibrant times.

So, I thought it would be nice to share some Bright & Sunny Yellow wedding Inspiration!

Nothing is cheerier or lifts spirits more than a bright handful of vibrant blooms. Check out these fabulous bouquets:

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Succulent and Billy Ball Bouquet

Who doesn’t love the playfulness of Billy Balls and the lush texture of succulents and the soft beauty of dusty miller are all brought together with classic yellow roses. Perfect for a rustic-chic mountain wedding. Lovely design by Annette Gomez.

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Protea and Brazillia Bouquet

Nothing packs more of a punch that the protea. Interesting and textural. And next to the soft lemon yellow tuber dahlias coupled with the silver ribbon and other textures. Just lovely for an off beat spring wedding. Beautiful work from hana floral design. (and did you notice her amazingly beautiful braided rope and pearl necklace!?)

Are you daring enough to wear a yellow gown?

If you just said no in your head, then you heaven’s seen this stunner yet. I’d wear this in a heart beat and anyone who says they wouldn’t is crazy!

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Dip dyed lace open-back wedding gown


It’s ethereal, yet sophisticated. The lace is still classic and the open back is breath-taking.

Put your maids in something they will not only love but want to wear again and again and again.

How about a full skirt with a lovely blouse. Then they can repurpose it into a more casual outfit to wear any time and remember when they wore it to your wedding, like this outfit.

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Full length pleated yellow skirt

A full length pleated skirt can be super flirty and feminine, but classic, too.  It looks great on lots of body types. Your bridesmaids will thank you for a wedding day look like this! The right top and accessories can amp this up to the perfect wedding day look.

Looking for an awesome twist on chair decor other than outdated and heavy chair covers? Check this out:

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Ribbon chair decor

Great, albeit time-consuming design from Jason Kandig.

The Wedding Chicks kill it again with this too cute honey wedding favor with yellow gingham trim.

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Honey wedding favors

How about the men? Some chucks and argyle socks in yellow and grey rock this rustic wedding and the striped yellow tie look super sharp. Nice photos from Sublett Studios

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
yellow and grey wedding details

Think grey is the only color that makes yellow pop?

Think again. Purple and aqua are great accents, too!

Bright yellow spring wedding inspiration
Ombre yellow to purple cake


Lovely anemones on this yellow to purple ombre cake from Sugared Saffron 

Some fun flirty nails would look great on your wedding gal pals.

Bright yellow wedding inspiration
aqua and yellow nails



All the Vintage Wedding Inspiration You Need!

What could be more romantic that a vintage inspired wedding?!

I am always looking for inspiration everywhere. For everything!

And I just happened to be scrolling mindlessly on Facebook, drooling over all the beautiful wedding images I was seeing and I came across a beautiful, gorgeous and all around amazing post by a lovely planner down in Charleston, SC, Kristin Newman Designs. She had just posted a fantastic invitation envelope for one of her couples. It had a collection of vintage postage stamps and nothing could be more perfect.

Vintage Stamps on wedding invitations
Vintage Stamps on wedding invitations

So, of course, I headed right over to Pinterest and started looking up vintage invitations and save-the-dates and all things vintage wedding inspiration. I found some fabulous things.

Now some times it’s difficult to distinguish between vintage and rustic or shabby chic.

To me, the difference is that something that is vintage could possibly be placed or harkens back to another time, not that it necessarily looks old or even IS old like an old barn door or something. I love shabby chic and rustic events, they are some of the most beautiful of all.  But this is all about the vintage.

Here are some items and events I find to be truly vintage or vintage inspired. 

Wedding Chick's vintage wedding inspiration, escort cards tied to vintage keys.
Wedding Chick‘s vintage wedding inspiration, escort cards tied to vintage keys.

These keys remind me of the skeleton keys from an old house and are truly vintage.

Badgley Mischka Vintage lace cape
Badgley Mischka Vintage lace cape

Some times all you need is to add a little bit of lace and you can nail a vintage look. I love love love this Badly Mischka cape.

Do you know that bouquets weren’t always flowers? They started out at handfuls of herbs, but we will save that history for another post. But it would be so vintage of you to walk down the aisle with a handful of something lovely and lovely smelling! Like this bouquet found on the English Wedding Blog (which I love…)

Lavender Bouquet wrapped in double satin
Lavender Bouquet wrapped in double satin

It could be a vintage piece like this typewriter and some old style topography. Check out this wedding chick’s wedding.

Wedding Chick's vintage typewriter welcome sign shot by Park Road Photography
Wedding Chick’s vintage typewriter welcome sign shot by Park Road Photography

How about a vintage inspired up-do? A nod to the pin-up girl’s victory rolls with a soft romantic twist, like this A Brit and a Blonde bride:

Vintage pin-up victory roll inspired up-do
Vintage pin-up victory roll inspired up-do

Sometimes vintage can mean something that just reminds you of something old, like crispy weather and time stained linen or paper, like this jaw-dropingly beautiful cake from The Pastry Studio

Vintage inspired wedding cake from The Pastry Studio
Vintage inspired wedding cake from The Pastry Studio

It doesn’t get more vintage than actually using old books (you guys don’t know that yet but I am OBSESSED with books… and old books at that so this one is near and dear to my little heart) like this bride who apparently rented the books from the library! How awesome is that.Check out this lovely shot from Ulmer Studios down in Nashville. Talk about some beautiful vintage wedding inspiration.

DIY vintage book centerpiece
The bride RENTED the books from the library!

Of course you could always just create your own vintage looking postcards, because, honestly, who doesn’t love postcards.

Check out some of these from Royal Steamline, where you can create some wicked save-the-dates or even thank you cards!

Vintage inspired postcards from Royal Steamilner
Vintage inspired postcards from Royal Steamilner

But it was those original stamps, which then led me to wander over to Etsy… which is always a bad thing… (and by bad I really mean awesome) and I found a wonderful shop where you can purchase some of those lovely stamps like the one you saw at the top of this post. It’s called Verde Studios. Check them out, they are beautiful.

Here’s my little send off and soap box: Wedding or not, you should be writing more letters, collect stationary. No: hoard stationary! Drop a note into an actual mailbox. The art of letter writing is a dying art.  If you’ve been putting off writing that thank you note, do it now! Well, do it after you’ve collected some lovely vintage stamps to put on your letters. It is so cathartic, it will make you feel better, it will cleanse your soul.

Ok… off soap box now.

So, if you’re having a vintage wedding I hope these things help you on your path to the realization of your vision.

Now go. Be inspired by all this vintage wedding inspiration.

Go ahead, ruffle up those feathers.