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How to add color to your patio

Easy ways to add color to your patio.

Spring has finally sprung here int he Mid-West, but that doesn’t mean that the flowers are blooming quite yet. In fact, I’ve only seen a few daffodils finally making their appearance, here and there but over all most of my yard and my neighbors yards are just seeing the shoots of early Spring flowers-to-be. Now, we just moved into a new house, literally last week, so I am excited to see what pops up around my house and will probably wait this season out to see what is already here before planning my garden and flower beds for next season.

But several beautiful things are already showing their little green faces. You can see some hyacinth just starting to peek out:

Container Gardening

Little baby hyacinth:

Container Gardening

There are also a few tulips starting to poke out, some lilies of course and daffodils. Now, waiting until next season to plant a garden has me antsy to get my hands in some dirty. I am not a very patient person and I just couldn’t stand going all Spring and Summer without planting SOMETHING. So, what better place to start than with out drab, boring concrete patio! Now, I’ve got some big plans for our patio. It eventually needs to be replaced, but that won’t be any time int he near future, so I knew that I had to get some container gardening going on out there. And what better way than with some beautiful perennial that I can plant this year and either leave containered or transfer into my garden plans next year.

I headed over to my local Lowe’s to seek out some of the hardiest and best grown plant out there – Monrovia.

Since we just moved in and I didn’t have access to all of my gardening tools I wanted to just create a small planter for the space next to the grill in our backyard on the patio. It would add a nice little pop of color until we could get things better planned for the rest of the season.

I first grabbed a trusty terra cotta pot, because I love the look of terra cotta, you don’t have to match it to anything else or worry about anything with your plants containered in them. At Lowe’s the selection was sparse as they were still just filling their outdoor garden section for the season but they had a beautiful selection of perennial options.

Now, when choosing items for a container it is always good to choose three different types of plants that serve different purposes. Follow this: One thrill, one to fill, and one to spill.

We were lacking on the spill part, but we got two thrillers so I was happy. I chose the Belarina Pink Ice Primrose. Primroses are some of my favorites. In addition to that I picked out an Alpino Rose.

Container Gardening

Whenever I am repotting something I like to make sure it has the nutrients it needs so I use an additive to help eliminate the shock of repotting. You can find therein the section of your garden center with other plant foods.

How to add a pop of color to your patioHow to add color to your patio

The last item I picked to round out my small container garden was a cool looking grass called Cool As Ice Fescue. This plant is a green-blue grass that will age to a golden blonde.

All in all I am happy with the outcome. A little pop of color on our currently drab patio. Container gardening is so easy and fun and with the beautiful options in Monrovia plants, your options are limitless.

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