How to preserve mini pumpkins to decorate your home.

How to preserve mini pumpkins to decorate your house for Fall.

This is a popular search on Pinterest this time of year and I get asked by friends and family all the time how I keep my Fall decor to fresh through the entire time I have it up so, here it is! I get it! I’m right there with you, the second the clock strikes August you are itching to get your Fall decor out and make your home all cozy and full of Higge. But it is way to early to get your pumpkins and not have them rotten in a few week, let alone make it through the holidays.

How to Preserving Mini Pumpkins to decorate your home for Fall:

What you will need:

  • A Wash tub, large pot, or a cleaned stoppered sink.
  • Bleach
  • Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
  • Soft cloth or paper towel

Step 1: Soak your pumpkins in a solution of 10 parts water to 1 parts bleach. Let them soak, upside down (this keeps them in the water more) for around 10 minutes.

How to Preserve mini pumpkins

Step 2: Dry them thoroughly, I usually let them sit for a  few minutes, too. Then buff them all shiny and pretty with a dab of vaseline to seal them and make them shine. This keeps bacteria from getting in.

Note: If you notice that they get some mar on the skin, nicked somehow or the stem falls off, soak them again to kill any germs or bacteria and then reseal them. The vaseline acts as a sealant keeping anything out.

Preserved well, your pumpkins should last for several weeks and a few months even! Check them every so often to make sure they aren’t getting any soft spots. If they do, they are starting to rot, you’ll want to toss them.

Then you can decorate your mantel and all around your home with your mind at ease! Then YOU can be the envy of your friends having your house impeccably Fall-ready come September 1!

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