10 Random Facts About Katie (the brains behind this mess):

  1. I love to bake (like… really, really love to bake)
  2. I have 2 all white English Bulldogs named Bananas and Baney Girl
  3. I am a Scottish Highland Games Athlete (I get to gather with other awesome chicks in kilts and chuck heavy stuff.  Yea, we’re awesome.)
  4. I’m addicted to Pinterest
  5. I’ve lived in 4 cities that start with the letter ‘C’
  6. I’m completely ambidextrous.
  7. I am physically incapable of not purchasing books when in a used book store.
  8. I have to completely cocoon myself in my covers at night.
  9. I can sing from soprano to contralto.
  10. I was in the marching band all the way through college.