I am thankful for so many things, but today, especially I am thankful for fate. For having been born in an amazing city, to parents to are huge sports fans. For my father for instilling in me a competitive edge that carried on to this day.

I have to take this Thankful Thursday to say I am insanely thankful that I was able to not only watch the game with good friends, but to watch history being made mere blocks away from Wrigley Field. We screamed and jumped for joy. I lost my voice, decided to join my fellow Chicagoans in a sea of people in a trek to our Mecca, all while singing Go Cubs Go.

We hugged strangers, we cried. It was one of the most beautiful, meaningful moments to have been a part of. Some people might not understand the big deal, and unless you are from Chicago, it might be hard for us to explain. But all I know is when they won, my father cried and a town was rebuilt on the backs of a team from 108 years ago. If you need a little help understanding how meaningful this is to people, take a look at this video and then see how people reacted after the win:

Here is a look at Harry Caray’s grab today:

Harry Caray's grave

I am thankful that I will get to share these memories with my son and that I got to witness it with my own eyes. There have been people who died waiting to see this. There have been people who were born AND died without seeing this. It is incredible and feelings that I will never forget.

Being able to recall things like Grandpa Rossy hitting a home run in game 7 in his last at bat ever and then watching him get carried off the field by his teammates… I am literally tearing up just typing about it.

The way the city is coming together is something that is to be celebrated, too. We’ve been waiting for a long time for this. Here are a here of my favorite things on the internet to come out of the Chicago cubs World Series win so far:

Eddie Vedder Cubs Meme

In addition to being a HUGE cubs fan, I have been literally in love with Eddie Vedder since I was 10 years old and that fact that he is so intertwined with my love of the cubs makes this even more sweet for me. When I hear and saw this video, of course I cried… again. So, I’ll leave you with this and when I’ve had a little more sleep, maybe I’ll writing something a little more coherent.

This win was for my father, who as a kid would walk down to Wrigley field with his baseball bit and wait on Waveland avenue all day long for batting practice before the game in the hopes that he would go home with a souvenir. All I have left to say is, Go Cubs Go, Fly the W and This year was finally next year.

W over Chicago skyline

[source: SportsMockery]


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